Ryan Racine is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist from southeast Michigan. Although he has been performing for nearly 25 years, his first solo album “Outsider’s Heart” will be released May 18th, 2018. The album is a culmination of his experiences both musical and personal, exploring themes of belonging, depression, finding new love, and accepting happiness, all sonically planted in American Roots styles.

Ryan Racine first made a name for himself as the frontman of Ann Arbor’s rockabilly trio Lucky Haskins. Formed when he was only 15, the band quickly garnered attention and a loyal fan base. Besides introducing the genre to a whole new generation in the area, they earned spots opening for legends like Carl Perkins and Lee Rocker as well as slot at the 1995 Detroit Music Awards.

Post Luck Haskins, Ryan worked as a guitarist/sideman for several artists and was a founding member of the Irish-punk group Mogue Doyle (sharing the stage with both Flogging Molly and Shane MacGowan). In 2007 Ryan returned as a frontman in the Bakersfield-Sound based Gas For Less and released two EPs.